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jubilee austen

Jubilee Austen Website

This website was made using a design comp and has accurate dimensions, fonts, and pictures that make up the look and feel of this simple but cleanly coded page. This one page website highlights the use of clickable icons, background images, and side by side image and text layouts.

rogue pickings

Rogue Pickings Website

The rogue pickings website was developed using a design comp and calculating the precise spacing and item placement on the page. This website highlights the use of bordered pictures, lists and a footer. The simple color scheme is the main feature of this page.

recipe card

Osaka Website

A personal project about my city. The object of this website was to provide restaurant and activity information about Osaka in one simple page. The site features lists, header and footer menus, some contact information in icons leading to social media and links to other pages with more information.

About me

I am a freelance developer based in Osaka Japan. I enjoy coding and in all my projects try to find a unique harmony that matches my clients brand. I enjoy finding new ways to use html, css and javascript to bring a page together. When I am not coding, I like sketching, baking treats with my wife and discovering new places in Kansai.